A treasure chest for Artists: Pietrasanta

pietrasantaPietrasanta, a town on the coastal Lucca area, is nestled in the valley, between the Apuan Alps and the sea, in northern Tuscany, has always been considered a place of artists and marble workers.

It was here that Michelangelo, Henry Moore, and, more recently, Fernando Botero decided to establish — certainly due to the town’s proximity to the marble quarries of Carrara. Pietrasanta, whose straight and narrow streets follow a Roman network layout, has kept its prestige as the region’s creative epicenter. Here is possible to find more than 15 contemporary art galleries and several museums and in recent years, a selection of stylish restaurants, boutiques, and hotels have opened. The town is also chosen for many cultural events and festivals, held throughout the year.

Square of Pietrasanta

This appealing town offers interesting examples of religious, military, and civil architecture. An example is that the historic town is centered around a rectangular square with the unusual-for a marble town-red-brick campanile of the 13th-century St. Martin’s Cathedral, the 14th-century church of Sant’Agostino, and a row of pastel Renaissance edifices. At one side of the piazza, in a building which was once a convent, is the Museo dei Bozzetti, which hosts an assortment of hundreds of models contributed by artists who have worked in the surroundings. These works of art are a charming educational demonstration for sculptors. A very interesting site to visit is also the Rocca di Sala, a Fortress hovering above the town and snuggled among olive groves.

While renting a holiday home in the Lucca area – either on the hills around Lucca or on the cost – you cannot absolutely miss a visit to this fascinating town. Another small village which deserves a visit is Colonnata where you can taste the local lardo famous all over the world and which recently obtained the DOP certification.

The best time to visit Pietrasanta is during the summer, when the art galleries and piazzas are full of people and lived up with events, exhibitions and performances (the best at the nearby Villa Versiliana in Marina di Pietrasanta).

Marina di pietrasanta

The Pietrasanta Marina, only a few kilometers away, is also part of the Versilia coastal, with terrific sand beaches and deluxe equipment, considered among the best in Italy. It’s easy to get to the sea from Pietrasanta. You can rent bikes and reach the sea in 10 minutes, or take the bus, located behind the train station.

So, if you are intrigued with sculpture, architecture and culture, don’t miss this place!

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