L’importanza di essere piccoli – a Festival produced by Sassiscritti



This a-typical but really interesting Festival had its first edition  in 2011, following a central idea: bringing together songwriters and poets in the small villages of the Apennines between Pistoia and Bologna. From this core, has developed what seems a little miracle: each edition was followed by hundreds of people, bringing  together not only artists, but also people from all over Italy, associations, local tourist, administrations … All in a deep listening and in a perfect harmony with the three elements at the center of this festival: the poetic word, music, and nature.


Photo Guido Mencari (gmencari.com)

The Festival will goes on from 2nd to 6th August  in a unique scenery among castles, old churches, woods and semi-abandoned hamlets.  It’s a unique occasion to discover an unknown side of Tuscany entertaining yourself .

From the base of your villa-holiday you will be able to follow the festival moving to the close-by villages almost each day .

Here following you can see the whole program:


2 August- Tresana Castelluccio di Porretta Terme (BO) From 18.30
Lucia Mazzoncini CREATURE CUSTODI DI STORIE (installation)
Nadia Alba Augustoni (reading)
Gnut (live music)
(book in advance your dinner)

3 August- Sambuca Pistoiese (PT)- h.21
Giusi Quarenghi (Reading)
IACAMPO (live music)

4 August – Castagno Di Piteccio (PT)- h.21
Matteo Pelliti(Reading)
Francesco Motta (live music)
Erica Mou (special guest)

5 August – La Scola Borgo Grizzana Morandi, Grizzana Morandi (BO)- From 18.30
(presentation of a the book Timisoara Pinto)
Guided excursion in the hamlet La Scola
Têtes de Bois (live music)
(book in advance your dinner)

6 August – Scaialbengo Circolo Culturale Equestre asd
Castel di Casio (BO)- h.21
Alessandra Racca (Reading)
Peppe Voltarelli (live Music)

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