Introduction to Maremma

Discover Maremma - The wildest area of Tuscany.

Maremma is the wildest area of Tuscany. Etruscan and mediaeval villages, vineyards and woods, sandy beaches and blue sea characterise this region. There are many beautiful things to see and to do. One of the best ways to discover this part of Tuscany is village-hopping, as Maremma is full of charisma and authenticity, begging to be explored. If you are a nature lover, there are several natural attractions such as Mount Amiata or the renowned Saturnia spa. Moreover, Maremma also offers an extensive list of beaches for sea lovers.

There is something for everyone. Maremma also offers many events, children's attractions, great restaurants for food lovers and sports activities…

This part of Tuscany is less touristy than the other and you can still find unique things like the Butteri. The butteri are the legendary cowboys of the Tuscan Maremma. They carry out their work as they did in the past, following the wild cows on horseback, resistant to the harshest environments. They stay in the Maremma regional natural park where the coastal landscapes of coves, dunes and bays meet, the millenary towers that watch over pastures and Mediterranean scrub and the ancient marshy environments at the mouth of the Ombrone river, rich in biodiversity and a paradise for birdwatchers. It is possible to meet these herdsmen in the town of Alberese on the first day of May when they dedicate themselves to the ancient practice of the market, the branding of young cattle. On August 15, however, the Tournament of the Rose also takes place in Alberese, in which the most skilled Butteri compete in pairs to steal a rose applied to the arm from each other.

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Maremma is the wildest area of Tuscany. Etruscan and mediaeval villages, vineyards and woods, sandy beaches and blue sea characterise this region


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