Lucca is one of the cities most loved all of Tuscany, a stop that can not really miss in a classic itinerary to the discovery of the region.
Extraordinarily, as the city grew and modernized, the walls that surrounded the old town were maintained which was not the case for many other cities in Tuscany, including Florence. As the walls lost their military importance, the top of the walls became a pedestrian promenade, today one of Lucca's main attractions. The area around the walls is well taken care of, with green grass and trees everywhere along the walls.


Chianti region stretches between Florence and Siena - this part of Tuscany is famous for its picturesque landscape and production of one of the best wines in the world. This part of Tuscany is certainly a must visit during your trip to Italy: you will find wavy hills, white gravel roads, beautiful vineyards and beautiful villages. In this part of Tuscany we have among the most beautiful houses in our portfolio.


The countryside in this part of Tuscany is the one you have seen portrayed by many film producers, photographers or writers when picturing this region. This is a destination full of things to do: from wine tasting to white truffle hunting at San Giovanni d’Asso, from hiking the historic walks like the Lauretana or visit the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore.
Siena has been declared by UNESCO famous for its cuisine, art, museums, medieval architecture...


Maremma is the wildest area of southern Tuscany and it is one of the very few parts of Italy that remains true to its ancient roots, uncontaminated by the tourist explosion. Maremma is unique because of the variety of its territory: blue sea, long beaches, black rock, hills covered with woods, marshes and flat lands, green hills and natural thermal baths. For lovers of wild landscapes and traditional life-style, off the beaten tracks, we offer some properties in Maremma, a region rich in history, nature and folklore.


Firenze houses one of the greatest artistic treasures in the world and the list of streets, palaces, museums and churches to visit is endless. The countryside around Florence is characterised by the beautiful rolling hills and white roads full of cypresses. Southwest of Florence you will find the charming medieval town of San Gemignano famous for its stunning medieval architecture and tower, and UNESCO World Heritage Centre, as well as some of the most famous Tuscan wine vineyards like Cantine Antinori with its modern architecture or the Castle of Nipozzano.

Pisa & Valdera

Pisa is worldwide known for its Leaning Tower, but its countryside is full of places to visit. Valdera, stretching between Pisa and Florence, is characterised by beautiful hilly landscapes and old traditions. The territory has largely conserved its farming origins, with cultivated fields, olive and fruits trees, vineyards...
There are many things to see in this part of the region, from the medieval villages of Palaia and Montefoscoli, to the Etruscan castle in Lari, to the dunes of Villamagna or to the striking Teatro del Silenzio (Theatre of Silence - wanted by the world renewed singer Andrea Bocelli ) of Lajatico.

Arezzo & Cortona

Arezzo is one of the wealthiest cities in Tuscany, due to its tradition in gold-smithery. Located in southeastern Tuscany, it sits atop a hill at the crossroads of four valley. Arezzo still has an infinte number of monuments, churches and museums remaining that offer visitors a chance to step back into history. The Church of San Francesco is probably the most famous in Arezzo, with the incredible Early Renaissance fresco cycle by Piero della Francesca.
Cortona is a picturesque village dating back to Etruscan and Roman time in the province of Arezzo.

Coastal Villas

This destination includes all our properties close by the coast - from tthe Liguria region, to the Versilia Coast, to Maremma or Sardenia. This section is for those looking to enjoy their vacation in a beautiful villa with swimming pool as well as spending some of their time by the seaside enjoying the Mediterrean sea. The coastline is characterised by endless variations, the nature is stunning and the coastal villages close by are great day trips.


This region is well-known for the Cinque Terre or the glamourous Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, Chiavari, etc. Liguria is all blue and green - you will enjoy many beautiful beaches, sea caves, the green Mediterrean turf and be overwhelmed by the smell of the pines and resin as well as those of the wild herbs. Liguria is perfect for those looking to relax and take hikes as well as those ones looking for activities like surf classes ormountain biking and go out to taste this region incredible cuisine.


From North to South, the island has some common traits: crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. But Sardinia is a large region. The coastline changes continuously and towns and tourist destinations are quite different from each other. The north of Sardenia is perfect for those looking for the glamourous lifestyle or enjoy the breathtaking views from Santa Teresa di Gallura, which is extremely close to Corsica - from here you can take a ferry to Bonifacio for a day trip. The Souther part of Sardenia is more wild, less crowded than the north and well known for its many long sandy beaches.

Lago Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is the second largest lake in Italy which is filled with Mediterranean vegetation and exotic plants. You can cruise the river and admire the variety of wild flowers, enjoy magnificent views and visit the famous marble quarries of Baveno. The jewels of this lake are the Borromean Islands: Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori which are well-worth a visit. Lake Maggiore is perfect for those looking to relax and spend their time in nature.


The region of Veneto is well known for the city of Venice - the crown jewel of Italy - where there are an endless number of things to see and visit both in the main city and on the surrounding islands of Burano, Murano and San Giovanni.
This romantic region, located in the Northeastern part of Italy, offers a wide variety beautiful places to visit like Verona, Padua or one of the many beautiful Palladian Villas.