Tuscan Crafts

Tuscan Crafts

Tuscany is a region with a rich cultural, artistic and architectural heritage. Among them there are also handmade products, witnesses of an ancient tradition that tells the history of this territory in many objects, artifacts and events.
Each Tuscan province has its artisan excellences; they are not always linked to food and wine and they exploit local raw materials and the arts handed down from generation to generation.
A Tuscany holiday also means discovering its craftsmanship by visiting the villages and cities where it is still possible to see how it is made. The ceramics of Montelupo, the alabaster of Volterra, the Sienese terracotta, the goldsmiths of Arezzo, are just some examples.
Tuscany also hosts numerous exhibitions dedicated to crafts, including: in Florence, between April and May, the International Handicraft Fair; in Figline Valdarno “ArtigianInPiazza” in May; the Handicraft Market Exhibition in Valtiberina, end of April beginning of May and many others.

Gold of Arezzo

Arezzo is famous for works in gold since the time of the Etruscans. The goldsmiths of Arezzo are among the most appreciated in the world and it is a unique experience to visit their workshops in the city center.
Not to be missed:
The gold museum will soon open in Arezzo.
The Tree of Love in the museum of Lucignano (AR) is the only reliquary in the world in the shape of a tree; built in more than a hundred years, it is almost three meters high.

The Ceramics of Montelupo Fiorentino

Montelupo reached its productive peak between the mid-fifteenth century and the thirties of the following century, a period in which its majolicas, in addition to filling residences and palaces, convents and pharmacies in Florence, were exported throughout the Mediterranean basin. For some centuries to follow the production was interrupted to be then resumed at the end of the nineteenth century. Today it is possible to visit the workshops that produce classic and modern majolica.

Not to be missed:
Museo della Ceramica e il Museo Archeologico in Impruneta.
In mid-May, on the occasion of Buongiorno Ceramica, the six ancient kilns of Impruneta open their doors to the public with guided tours, workshops and cultural events

Terracotta dell’Impruneta

Terracotta from Impruneta is one of the excellent materials produced in Tuscany since the Middle Ages. Brunelleschi chose this material to cover the dome of the Florence Cathedral which, having no armor, needed a material that was both solid and light.

Not to be missed:
Visit to one of the following furnaces: Poggi Ugo, Fornace Masini and M.I.T.A.L. and Massimo Carbone specialized in amphoras and jars.
Visit the Treasure Museum of Santa Maria all’Impruneta

Crystal of Colle Val d’Elsa

The glassmaking tradition of Colle Val d'Elsa boasts ancient origins, so much so that glass vases and glasses were already produced in the Middle Ages (XIV century). The furnaces and glassworks active in Colle since the fifteenth century make this place the repository of ancient traditions, considering it, in its own right, the legitimate custodian of an ancient local art such as that of the production and engraving of glass and crystal.

Not to be missed:
The Crystal Museum

Alabaster in Volterra

There are few Masters who still work the alabaster in Volterra and their workshops are very similar to those of the Etruscan Alabaster because the tools used to work this luminous stone are the same as then.

Not to be missed:
Museo Etrusco Guaranacci  where an authentic Etruscan workshop has been rebuilt.
Visit to Alab'Arte where it is possible to witness the processing of alabaster in all its phases.

Leather and footwear

Among the most flourishing craft sectors in Tuscany, there is undoubtedly that of footwear and leather processing. Tuscan packages are some of the most requested in the world from Japan to America. This handicraft sector in Tuscany consists of many centers and skilled craftsmen, especially between Siena and Florence, also putting away past models, innovating and recreating, between new designs and the latest fashion lines

Many other Tuscan artisanal products:
Tuscan cigar (Lucca and ValTiberina)
Mugello - Pietra Serena di Firenzuola and the cutlery in Scarperia
Casentino - Stia wrought iron and Casentino cloth
Green glass of Empoli
Carrara white marble
Straw Hat from Signa
Prato fabric
Perfumes of Florence
Lace of San Sepolcro and Anghiari
Chiseled Silver of Florence (Brandimarte)

A Tuscany holiday is a vacation like no other. It's a region steeped in history and culture, but very much anchored to the present.  If you are looking for things to do in Tuscany we would strongly recommend visiting some of these stunning Tuscany destinations and fascinating artistic and cultural sites during your stay. Visiting artisans workshops and museums is one way to ensure you get a real feel for Italy and its customs. You can even see how some of the Tuscan finest works are made.

If you are looking for the perfect getaway in Tuscany, or want to view our wide selection of villas in Tuscany to rent, contact Salogi Villas today!

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