Cycling in Lucca - The Best Routes to Ride in and Around Lucca

Cycling in Lucca - The Best Routes to Ride in and Around Lucca

Cycling in Lucca, as in most of Tuscany, is a tradition and a popular way for locals to commute around the city. Almost everyone has a bike to move around town or to travel to nearby areas. So, if you are looking for things to do in Lucca, we highly recommend exploring the cycling paths and surrounding areas by bike.

From biking on Lucca’s Walls to climbing the Tuscan hills, there is a perfect ride for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced cyclist looking for an adventurous ride. In this article, you will find all the information you need to start planning your route.

Easy Bike Rides Around Lucca City Centre

Lucca bicycle

Even if you are not an experienced cyclist, a bike tour is always a great option to get to know the area, as Lucca is very easy to explore by bike.

Ride On Lucca’s Walls

If you ask anyone in Lucca where to start your tour, the answer will be the same: the Walls. It is only a 4,22 km ride, but it will give you a chance to see the city from above, and if you have kids, they will love it. During the weekend you will find lots of residents doing the same, no matter how many times they have already done it.

The cycle path is a full circle, and there are lots of points you can get down from, to reach all the main tourist attractions. If you want to know more about where to visit in Lucca, here are our top 10 recommendations.

Serchio River Park
The Serchio river is one of Tuscany’s main rivers, and it passes through Lucca, a few kilometres from the city walls. The River Park extends for 22 kilometres and can be travelled on foot or by bicycle; it runs through an agricultural area and is an integral part of it.

You can choose to go for two different rides: one is a loop (between the two banks of the river) of 11km circa, between Ponte San Quirico to Ponte San Pietro; midway, there is a third bridge, Ponte della Musica Popolare, and right below it you will find a small beach, perfect for enjoying some cool air during the summer heat. The second path goes from Ponte San Quirico to Ponte a Moriano. It is a 7 km ride but is not a loop.

Aqueduct Of Nottolini
The Aqueduct of Nottolini was built in the 19th century, and it takes its name from architect Nottolini, who designed it. The structure brought water to Lucca from the mountains south of the city through a stone channel supported by more than 400 arches.

Nowadays, it is no longer in use, but it is possible to follow its path. Starting from the storage tank, commonly called “Il Tempietto”, you can reach the beautiful Parole d’Oro, which used to be the aqueduct’s source. The path (4,8 km long) is interrupted by the highway, but there is a bridge that goes over it and allows you to proceed without making it a changing route.

Longer and Easy Bike Routes to Explore Lucca’s Surroundings

Bocca del Serchio by bike

From Lucca, you can easily reach the beautiful Marina di Vecchiano, Versilia Coast and Pisa. These rides are a bit longer, but pretty easy, as the road is mostly flat. Our favourites are:

From Ponte a Moriano to Bocca di Serchio
Continuing the path of the Serchio River Park and following the Serchio river, you will arrive at the sea. The route goes from Ponte a Moriano to Bocca di Serchio (35 km circa), passing through the picturesque fields of Migliarino. This path is dedicated to Giacomo Puccini, because it crosses his native places like Lucca and Lago Massaciuccoli.

Once at Bocca di Serchio (in Marina di Vecchiano), you can proceed further: if you follow the shore going right, you will arrive in Viareggio (Versilia). This piece of the Versilia coast - from Marina di Vecchiano to Viareggio, passing via Torre del lago Puccini - is a free beach. Here you can find a map of the route.

If you decide to go left, you will find yourself in the enchanting San Rossore Park, from which you can easily reach Pisa (from Bocca di Serchio to Pisa city is only 15km using the direct route).

Ciclovia Versilia (Versilia cycle route)
If you are spending the day in Versilia, a lovely and easy ride you could take is Ciclovia della Versilia that goes from Viareggio to Marina di Massa all along the sea. It is the most costal cycle path in Italy (28 km), is within everyone's reach, and offers excellent stops for an aperitivo at sunset while overlooking the sea.

Routes For More Experienced Cyclists

mountain bikes - Garfagnana

If you are an experienced cyclist, the possibilities are endless. Especially the Apuan Alps and Garfagnana area are of rare beauty and full of possible roads and trails to ride. From Passo del Vestito and Passo del Cipollaio, you can see the marble caves and the sea from above.

Isola Santa is another suggestive spot to visit: an ancient mediaeval village partially drowned in a lake.

On this website, you will find many routes (also ranked by difficulty) in the Lucca area, and if you are looking for a real adrenaline experience, you can check out the mountain bike trails.

Another option is to follow the paths of the Via Francigena, the Pilgrim road that unwinded for 1800 km from Canterbury to Rome and passes through Lucca. Here you will find a great selection of routes.

Where To Rent A Bike In Lucca

bike rental

You are convinced to go on a bike tour, but need to organise a bike? There are numerous places within the city wall to rent a bike. Here are our recommendations:

Cicli bizzarri and Biciclette Poli are both in Piazza Santa Maria and are very well furnished.

But if you want a tailored rental service that includes drop-off and personalised tour, Tuscany Ride a Bike is definitely the place to go. 

Lucca offers a range of bike riding for both beginners and advanced riders. You have a variety of routes that allow you to easily reach the sea and the mountains on the same day or go for a stroll on the city wall. If off-road is more your style, there are a variety of MTB trails for you to explore.

To find out more about what this amazing city has to offer,  our ultimate guide to Lucca is the perfect starting point.

If you are still looking for your dream villa, visit our range of Villas to rent in Lucca and start planning your vacation.

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