Shopping In Lucca: Everything You Need To Know

Shopping In Lucca: Everything You Need To Know

Lucca in Italy is known for its premium quality shops, and luckily it is still possible to find several authentic businesses, even though more prominent brands are constantly increasing their footprint.

The main shopping street in Lucca, Via Fillungo, runs through the heart of the city. This ancient street  is the place to go if you want window shopping, but, as you will soon realise, there are small shops worth checking out on every corner of the city. Of course, the best way to discover them is to wander around and let your instinct guide you. To help point you in the right direction, Via Chiasso Barletti, Via Santa Croce, Via Santa Lucia or Via Buia are good places to start.

If you are anything like us, you’ll want to plan your trip to Lucca in advance. To help you find the best clothes, delicacies and bargains, our Italian experts have put together a comprehensive guide to shopping in Lucca.

Keep reading to discover how you can make the most of your trip, and don’t forget to check out our range of handpicked villas to rent in Lucca, Italy.

Clothes Shops in Lucca

Lucca is historically a rich city that used to have lots of churches, banks, and noble families. Still, to this day, people tend to dress more formally and many shops reflect that. Here you will find well-made staples and timeless garments.

Since 1918 this shop at n.54 of Via Fillungo has sold great quality men’s clothing, including: shirts, suits, coats, hats and so on. Very old-fashioned, but in a good way.

Vittorio Melecchi
Located in Piazzetta dell’Arancio, this shop has a retro and sophisticated feeling. The shop is cosy and very charming, and the quality is impeccable. The owners will be happy to assist you in the selection.

Pesi e Vinci
Pesi e Vinci is a family-owned business in its second generation and is located in Piazza Bernardini. Here you can find garments for every occasion, even formal ones. The shop is big and well-furnished, and the walls are decorated with original frescoes.

De Simoni
In the De Simoni boutique, each piece is Made in Italy. Shirts and suits are the best sellers, but the womenswear section is equally well-furnished.

Il Panda
If you like shoes, you can’t miss Il Panda in Via Fillungo. The shop also has a small but very well curated selection of clothes and accessories. They also have an outlet (in Via dell'Anfiteatro, 105).

Gioielleria Carli
This jewellery store has been in Via Fillungo since 1665 and is the oldest shop in Lucca. Here you can find the finest antique jewellery, and it’s worth at least passing by to take a look at the window.

Gigolò and Void
These two shops are targeted at a younger public, and they have a furnished selection of trendy pieces as well as some staples. They are both in Via Beccheria, a few metres apart.

Fat Mama
Fat Mama is a vintage clothing shop specialising in denim. The two owners are passionate and very well-prepared, and will be able to assist everyone in finding the best fit for them. The shop is in Via Chiasso Barletti, a vibrant little street with lots of good shops.

Food Shops and Wine Merchants in Lucca

Italian grocery store

Whether you are in the hunt for the ingredients to recreate a dish you have tried and fallen in love with, or you simply want to try some local delicacy, our list of food shops and wineries has got you covered.

Antica Bottega di Prospero
For five generations the Marcucci family has been dedicated to selling flours, legumes, cereals, mushrooms, cheeses, spices and aromas. Prospero is located in Via Santa Lucia, in a building that dates back to the Middle Ages. Here it is possible to find the best products of the area, a must for lovers of antiquity and those who want to know more about the gastronomic tradition of Lucca.

Gino Frutta e Bistrot
Located in Piazza Santa Maria, Gino Frutta e Bistrot was born as a fruit and vegetable shop. Today it is also a bistro and a wine shop.

Ortofrutta Lucca Centro Morelli
Another excellent option for fresh vegetables and fruits. Ortofrutta Morelli is in Piazza San Salvatore.

Tambellini Rinomata Salumeria
Tambellini is located in the beautiful Piazza San Frediano. This is a grocery store known for its fine cured meat and sausages.

Enoteca Vanni
Enoteca Vanni has one of the best selections of wines in the area. There are also a few outside tables to enjoy an aperitivo.

There is a lifelong dispute about who does the best focaccia in Lucca.The contenders are Forno A Vapore Amedeo Giusti in via Santa Lucia and Forno Casali in via Guinigi. So why not try both?

Taddeucci has been a pastry shop since 1881, and still to this day, traditionally prepares
their pastry with a technique that has been used for over one hundred years. This is the best place to go if you want to try the famous buccellato.

Markets in Lucca

antiques market in Lucca

A great option to hunt a treasure is Lucca’s markets, especially the antiques one. There is a high chance that there will be a market while you visit the city, as several are offered each month.

Antiques Market
The antiques market takes place every third Saturday and Sunday of the month. It is mainly centred around Piazza San Giusto and Piazza Antelminelli, but it runs across many of the town's streets and squares. About 220 exhibitors from all over Italy participate, and it is considered one of the most important in the country.

This market offers an opportunity to discover historical and one-of-a-kind pieces from different eras. Exploring the market's stalls, you will come across:

  •  Antique furniture like tables and cabinets
  • A range of artworks including paintings and prints
  • Vintage jewellery
  • Rare books
  • Collectible items such as coins and stamps
  • Fine china and porcelain
  • Antique fabrics and linens
  • Many other unique items

Handicraft Market
This is a market where you can find goods produced by local craftsmen. The market takes place mainly in Piazza S. Giusto, on the last weekend of each month.

Lucca Weekly Market
The regular market takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays every week at Le Tagliate parking lot. You can find primarily clothes, linen, home gadgets and food.

Farmers’ Market
Every Saturday (and Wednesday during the summer) at Foro Boario takes place the farmers' market. There are about twenty local agricultural producers for all kinds of food products, including a fresh from nearby Versilia and a florist's stand. This is the best place to find typical and seasonal products.

On Wednesday afternoons, local producers gather in Piazza San Francesco for MercoledìBio, an organic and fair trade food market.

Le Fiere
During the Settembre Lucchese there are lots of markets (fiere). If you want to know more about annual events in Lucca you can find out all about them here.

Christmas Markets in Lucca

During the festive season, Lucca hosts several Christmas markets, the most notable being in Piazza Napoleone. The markets run from early December until early January and offer a variety of food stalls, craft products, and holiday gifts.

You can find local food, jewellery, toys, decorations, and more.

Additionally, the market features an ice-skating rink and a carousel, making it a fun atmosphere for visitors of all ages. 

Where to Go Shopping in Lucca? The Best Streets to Visit for Shopping in Lucca

best streets

Via Fillungo is the main shopping street in Lucca and stretches about 700 metres. The architectural layout ensures shops are set into the buildings, minimising their impact on the street’s historic feel.

It offers a mix of high-end boutiques and independent shops where you can find everything from fashion items and accessories to local crafts. You can also find several cafes on this street where you can take a break from shopping and enjoy some delicious food.

Via Chiasso Barletti is a narrow street in Lucca known for its collection of small artisan workshops and unique shops.

This street is just off Via Fillungo and offers a slightly more intimate and authentic shopping experience, highlighting the local craftmanship and creativity Lucca is well-known for.

Via Santa Lucia is another notable shopping street in Lucca. Known for its mix of trendy boutiques and traditional shops, this street offers a more local shopping experience.

Key spots include the historic Antica Bottega di Prospero, specialising in dried beans and seeds, and Enoteca Vanni, known for its excellent wine selection.

Insider Tips for Shopping in Lucca

insider tips

Typical Opening Hours 

Shops in Lucca typically open around 10:00 AM and remain open until 7:30 PM, while grocery stores typically open much earlier in the morning.

Is Everything Open on a Sunday?

Not everything in Lucca is open on Sunday. Many smaller, independent shops close on Sunday, particularly outside the main tourist areas. 

However larger stores and shops in popular areas like Via Fillungo often remain open. Either way, it’s always a good idea to check the specific opening hours of any shops you are particularly interested in visiting.

Can You Walk Around Lucca?

Lucca itself is relatively small. The city’s old town area, where most of the main shopping streets are located, is about 2 kilometres in circumference. This makes it ideal for walking. 

The shopping streets we mentioned above are all within a ten-minute walk from each other, making shopping in Lucca extremely convenient. 

Best Times to Shop for a Good Experience

For the best shopping experience in Lucca and to avoid the busy crowds, we recommend avoiding peak tourist times, usually from late morning to mid-afternoon.

Shopping will likely be more pleasant during weekday mornings between 9 a.m. and noon. Another good time to shop is late afternoon, from around 4 p.m to 7 p.m. This is a quieter time, and the cooler temperatures can make the experience more enjoyable.

If you enjoy shopping at markets, plan your visit around market days, which we mentioned above. Visiting on these days can offer you a unique and memorable shopping experience with a variety of local goods and antiques on offer.


While Lucca is not typically a city where haggling is the norm, bargaining is fairly common at markets, particularly at the antiques market. Sellers at these markets often expect some negotiation, so feel free to politely negotiate the price. It helps to have a clear idea of what you are willing to pay before starting the conversation. 

We recommend being polite and friendly when bargaining and knowing when to stop. If the seller is firm on their price, it is best to either accept it or walk away. 

Second-Hand Shops

If you are a fan of vintage and second-hand finds, Lucca has several second-hand shops worth exploring. To find these shops, simply search for the phrase ‘mercatino’ on Google Maps while in Lucca. Its literal translation is "little market" or "small market" but it will bring up a list of second-hand shops in the area. 

With a little bit of planning, you can make the most of your shopping in Lucca. With so much to offer you can buy some great clothes, delicacies, and antiques. If you think anything else deserves a mention please get in touch and let us know, or to find out more about this beautiful city, check out our ultimate travel guide to Lucca for more tips on how to enjoy your stay.

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